Attention:  Practitioners and Coaches...
Attract New Prospects & 
Grow Your Audience With 
Daily Done-For-You Social Media Content & Graphics So You Can Show Up Consistently In As Little As 2.5 Hours/Week.
Attention:  Practitioners and Coaches...
Attract New Prospects & 
Grow Your Audience With 
Daily Done-For-You Social Media Content & Graphics So You Can Show Up Consistently In As Little As 2.5 Hours/Week.
When I first started running my online program one of the biggest challenges was creating content for social media. I had the hardest time coming up with new and relevant content to keep prospects coming in and my audience engaged…

Now 10 years later, after helping thousands of coaches and practitioners, this is even more of a problem especially when I tell them the secret to online success is to show up every day...
“But Lori, I don’t have time”

“But Lori, I am not creative...I don’t write well”

“But Lori, I need to work on my branding…”

“But Lori, I don’t even know how to use Facebook or Instagram”

“But Lori, this all just seems so overwhelming and I get paralysed just thinking about it”
The other thing I see all the time from 
those who are trying to be consistent 
with their social media 
is they show up in one of three ways...

  Overwhelm the audience with boring, generic educational content because they don’t know what to write about. 

 Don’t have a strategic plan that leads to getting clients and instead they’re just giving it  all away for free (hello friend zone)

 Post whenever you feel creative, have time and then hope for the best

Are you guilty of showing up like this?
(and wondering why you aren’t getting clients?)
If so, it’s NOT your fault. 
There isn’t anyone out there teaching practitioners and coaches like YOU that there is a better way to create and use content on social media. 

You see, here at The Wellness Business Hub, we only do what has been proven to work to help professionals like you build a following and get more clients... 

We’re testing all the time and watching the trends so we know exactly what’s working and what’s not. 

And the truth is…

Algorithms are constantly updating…

Platforms have brought out new features…

And according to Facebook, most people’s attention span
is now just 2 seconds.

So that means sharing pure educational content... 

And writing list posts about the “5 best things” doesn’t work anymore...
to your audience!

And whether we like it or not...
Since the world went into lockdown, social media platforms have exploded… 

And our society has a greater demand for connection, personality and authenticity.

That’s why...

Every piece of content you post on social media MUST go beyond generic education and create more than just a connection with your audience...
It Develops Your Relationship With Them.
And the relationship you have with your audience is the foundation upon which your business is built, and shouldn’t be an afterthought
Now, I know what you’re thinking…
“That’s great Lori, but I don’t have the time or know-how to write daily social media posts or create graphics. I don't have a marketing team.”

Yes I know...
because I’ve been right where you are!

I've been starring at the blinking cursor willing myself to write something and felt the pressure of having to post every single day.

So my goal is to make sure you show up on social media daily...
in just 2.5 hours per week!
But I Get It, Writing Is An Art Form...
Don’t you want to have ENGAGING, ENTERTAINING, EDUCATIONAL, and EMPOWERING posts but NOT have to create the content yourself?
That stands out over the endless dancing Reels... 

Engages your ideal prospects… 

And builds a strong relationship so you can convert them into high paying clients… 

...all without spending hours a day figuring out what to write or post? 

Well, now you can. 
Social Media Made Easy
The Done-For-You Social Media Content System For Practitioners & Coaches.
Fast Start Tutorials For Easy Social Media Set Up (VALUE $997)
You’ll get a screen share tutorial looking “over my shoulder” as I show you exactly how to quickly set up your Facebook and Instagram platforms properly so you don’t have to spend hours guessing. 

Plus, I’ll also walk you through how to set up the scheduling tools you need to use to quickly and easily post your content. 

So here’s what you’ll set up in less than 90 minutes:
  • Set Up your FB Personal Page, Facebook Business Page and Facebook Group
  • ​Set Up your Instagram Page and Bio
  • ​Set Up your Creator Studio account for easy scheduling and managing IG & FB
  • ​Set Up Canva to organize folders, modify designs and download files 
How To Write Relationship Building Content With Our
Signature ASVC Formula
You’ll get tutorials showing you exactly how to create your own content and social media posts should you want to. You can watch “over my shoulder” as we go through the entire process. 

Here’s what you’ll get:
Tutorial 1: Content Themes (VALUE $297)
Creating content for social media can be intimidating if you don’t know what to write about. And the worst thing is putting your head in the sand and writing nothing at all. 

In this training, I give you the system for creating branded content themes to ensure that you are creating content that attracts and builds the relationship with your audience so that you don’t give the farm away for free and get put into the friend zone. 
Tutorial 2: Content Calendar 101 (VALUE $297)
Content planning is overwhelming and you're never sure you're doing it right - if you're even doing it at all.

So I'm teaching you how to create your own monthly content plan using branded content themes so that you can keep it simple and organized. 
Tutorial 3: How To Write Posts That Convert (VALUE $297)
If you ever want to write your own posts - then this training is designed specifically for you. 

I’ll show you how to write captions using the ASVC Formula that are interesting and get attention so you can build your audience quickly. You’ll also get caption breakdowns so you can understand why it works.
Tutorial 4: How To Create Your Brand (VALUE $297)
Being able to show up authentically and stand out from the crowd is a must, especially when you're just getting started. 

I’ll walk you through how to define your personal brand and create brand characteristcis so that you feel professional, safe and confident showing up.
The Best Part Of
Social Media Made Easy
so you have a complete month of done-for-you content EVERY month, 
SAVING YOU HOURS and ENERGY because you no longer have to do it yourself. 

You’ll have a professionally set-up social media presence complete with done-for-you content and graphics every single month that works on your behalf to attract the right prospects and build the relationship with them so you can turn them into committed, high-paying clients. 
PLUS you’ll grow your email list and have a following with the right people who want to work with you. 

Think of all the time you’ll save because your daily social media content is done for you!
Done-For-You Content Calendar (VALUE $997)
You’ll get done-for-you social media content plan for the WHOLE month - every month - so you don’t have to think about it. The done-for-you social media content plan details out your daily post with the corresponding graphic for each day of the week for the entire month so you literally don’t have to think about what to create and post on Instagram, Facebook Businesss Page, Facebook Group & Facebook Personal Page.
Done-For-You Content Posts Using The ASVC Formula (VALUE $1997)
Every month you’ll get 25 written posts-- a post for each day of the week that covers different categories and themes. This is the “special sauce” to getting new clients and engagement. 
Done-For-You Gorgeous Graphics (VALUE $1997)
Forget spending hours looking for amateur images or trying to create your own. Or just screenshotting someone else’s pic. 

Now you’ll get 25 new high quality graphics every month that match the daily content post. 

The best part is you get the customizable graphics in 6 different mood boards so you can choose which one fits best or customize the graphics in Canva with your brand so you stand out from other practitioners or coaches.
Now You’ll Have Everything You Need To Stand Out From The Crowd, Grow Your Audience & Build A Relationship With Them Each And Every Month In Just 2.5 Hours/Week.
If you’re tired of not knowing what to write...

If you’re wondering why no one is engaging with your content, and...

If you’re overwhelmed and trying to be consistent...

Then this is for you.
You get so much value from Social Media Made Easy, you’ll be shocked that we only charge $57/month for such a thing. And just to be transparent, this is a subscription so it continues on a month to month basis until you cancel. 

Click the button and get started today!
Look, you need to hear the truth…
Because it would kill me for you to continue to feel frustrated and stuck like this… 

The reality is, if you haven’t been consistent up until this point and you don’t get our done-for-you social media content now NOTHING will change. You’ll keep feeling overwhelmed and wasting time every day trying to figure out what to write about, then feel EMBARRASSED when you don’t show up.

So let’s change the trajectory of your social media presence and business right now. 

Click the button below to start now and I’ll see you on the inside. 
Bonus # 1:
FREE Month Of Content 
When you subscribe to Social Media Made Easy today you’ll get access to the current month’s content for free and then you’re subscription will begin on the first of the month when we release the next month of new content. That means you don’t have to wait until the first of the month to get started. 
Bonus # 2:
 Monthly Seasonal Content
There’s always something to celebrate whether it’s Halloween, Valentine’s Day, National Ice Cream Day… each month you’ll get
5 extra done-for-you seasonal content posts and graphics 
that you can use to create engagement and have fun 
with your audience.
Bonus # 3:
Social Media Tech Tool Kit (valued at $97)
There are a lot of tools and resources you could use to make your social media content POP so we’ve narrowed down the top tools that we as a team use and that we recommend to our practitioner and coach clients. In the Social Media Tech Tool Kit you’ll get our top suggestions for things like web cams, lighting, mic’s, apps and more to make doing social media easy. 




pre month

Meet Your Coaches And Mentors: Lori Kennedy &
The WBH Team
Well hello there, I’m Lori Kennedy, founder of The Wellness Business Hub and we are here to make social media easy for you. I am not someone who has a massive social media following (because you don’t need one to be very successful) and definitely do not spend all day creating content and posting. I’ve learned how to create content in a simple and easy to manage way and use it to serve its purpose--- to grow my audience and build a relationship with them. 

As someone who is obsessed with building relationships with my audience and marketing, I’ve taken all of my writing skills and audience building experience and have poured it into Social Media Made Easy so that you can leverage myself and my team’s expertise for your own business. 

You might have a love/hate relationship with social media just like I do AND still know that showing up consistently with high value content is a very important part of being able to serve others and transform lives. So let us make Social Media Easy for you…
What Members Are Saying...
Questions I Know You're Going To Ask...
What is the ASVC Formula Again?
It’s relationship building approach that draws your ideal prospects in and helps you build a relationship so you can easily get new clients - and stand out from other practitioners and coaches. Using this formula, your posts get Attention, tell a Story, give Value and have a Call to action.
Do I have to do any writing or can I use the content as is?
You don’t have to but I highly recommend that you customize the content on the graphics for your niche. You’re getting a calendar with a post for every day of the week with a matching graphic linked. You literally have nothing to do except fill in the blanks to personalize the content.  

However, should you want to write your own posts, we’ll show you exactly how in the tutorial videos.  
I’m new to having an online business. Is this for me?
Yes! This is perfect for you. Our done-for-you content will save you so much time and hassle. That way, you can focus on doing what you love - working with clients. 

Having done-for-you content and graphics gives you a leg up and allows you to look professional and maintain consistency.
Are there any refunds? 
There are no refunds as you’ll have access to the entire product and done-for-you content. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time. 
How Do I Cancel My Subscription? 
In the event you want to stop receiving our high value, monthly done-for-you content, cancelling is simple. Simply contact support and give us a notice of 7 business days prior to your next payment date. Please note you will no longer retain access to SMME content, videos, and audios once you cancel.
Is there a minimum term?
No, you can cancel anytime! Your subscription is on a month-to-month basis.
Can I see an example of the content? 
Yes, CLICK HERE to access sample content posts and graphics for each of the 5 theme categories. 

Where can I post the done-for-you content?
We recommend that you post your content inside of your Facebook group and/or on your Facebook and Instagram pages.
You’ve got nothing to lose…
Try it out for a month for $57 and if it’s not right for you, you can easily cancel your 
monthly subscription using our 
NO HASSLE cancellation option. 
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